The Facts About Weight Loss Supplements

We have all come across commercials in magazine or TV which talk about supplements for dieting and weight loss that promise some results which are remarkable. The weight loss dietary supplements industry is worth billions of US dollars. Everyone would love to lose weight fast by simply taking a pill. But we must all ask and find out if these weight loss supplements are a safe method of losing weight.

Weight loss and diet supplements are available in various forms like liquid, powder, capsule, or pills, and can be seen at local drugstores in the neighborhood, health and market food stores.

You can also discover them online. In spite of their being readily available almost all over, a lot of them are not regulated at the federal level and lack studies of research and science to validate them. And as a result of their not being regulated by any agency or government, there is not enough evidence to support their claims and effectiveness.

Despite ingredients that appear to be consumption safe, these supplements for weight loss are likely to be safe. It is advisable that you seek medical advice and counseling before using any supplement for weight loss. It is also advisable to never use a supplement as a replacement of a healthy balance of exercise and diet.

Supplements For Losing Weight Naturally

There are some supplements for losing weight that are useful assistances to a good program of diet and exercise. The point to note here is assistance. Again, these weight loss supplements must never be used as a replacement for exercise or a healthy diet.

Since there is no form of regulation covering them, supplements for weight loss that are natural do not pass through the similar testing that is rigorous for prescription drugs. However, some government agencies do inspect the safety of these products once they have been launched for sale. So it is advisable to consult with the necessary government agency before utilizing such supplements. Always consult with your pharmacist or doctor.

Herbal Supplements For Weight Loss

herbal diet pillsSupplements that are based on herbs like the Indian herb forskohlii, bitter orange, hoodia, caffeine, or green tea sound sate and natural to most people. But they are not. Researchers claim that bitter orange can cause a whole range of likely serious health problems. And bitter orange is just a single ingredient out of a whole lot of others that are normally branded as herbal supplements for weight loss.

Always bear in mind that simply because herbal supplements for weight loss could be natural does not mean that they are safe for consumption, or even consumption for a prolonged period. Always consult with your pharmacists and doctors before going to take any supplements for weight loss that are deemed to be herbal.

A Word About Potential Side Effects

Herbal and natural supplements that are based on vegetables and fruits are usually safer than diet supplements or pills that have drugs or chemicals. However, even herbal and natural diet pills and supplements for weight loss possess side effects. Caffeine is capable of momentarily increasing the rate of the heartbeat, while some herbs are known to cause gastrointestinal problems and irregularities.

Additionally, supplements of herbs which assist in the reduction of the body’s intake of fat could equally cause a reduction in the absorption by the body of important minerals and nutrients. One should always have consultation with his pharmacists or doctor before commencing the use of any type of new herbal of natural weight loss supplement or plan of diet.

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